So that no questions remain unanswered, here you will find all the questions that we are asked most frequently about our moss and plant pictures ! If something is still unclear, we look forward to your question at
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    Are the mosses and plants real?

    YES , all our mosses and plants are 100% real. Our plants and mosses are made durable in a particularly gentle preservation process and require no further care after preservation.

    Do I have to water my moss picture?

    NO , due to the preservation, in which the moisture of the moss/plant is replaced by vegetable glycerine, you do not have to water or fertilize your moss picture. In addition, the plants and mosses develop antistatic properties due to the preservation, so that dusting is not necessary.

    Where can I hang my moss picture?

    Your moss picture is designed exclusively for the interior, but feels very comfortable in almost any room with an average humidity (40- max. 70%). Only direct sunlight and direct heat sources damage the durability of your moss picture - the color intensity decreases and the moss becomes brittle.

    I smell my moss picture, is that common?

    YES , it is absolutely normal and, above all, natural that you can still smell your moss picture after preservation, as the mosses and plants still have their own characteristic odor afterwards. However, the smell will dissipate after about 3-4 weeks.

    How long will my moss picture last?

    We cannot 100% determine an absolute shelf life. BUT, our first moss picture was hung up more than 5 years ago, the installation of a larger moss wall was also more than 3 years ago and both still look as fresh as at the beginning. The most important tips for the "care" of your moss picture or your moss wall are:

    • do not water
    • do not expose to direct sunlight and please
    • Do not place above direct heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators
    how long is the processing time of my order?

    As soon as we receive your order, we get to work. Since all of our pictures are lovingly handcrafted in our own manufactory in Walldorf, it can take between 3 and a maximum of 14 days, depending on the volume of orders and effort (picture size, type of greening), until your moss/plant picture makes its way to you . As soon as your order is on its way, you will receive a shipping confirmation from us! Custom-made products that go beyond the standard size of our range require a delivery time of approx. 4-5 weeks.

    are the pictures also suitable for allergy sufferers?

    YES , absolutely. The gentle preservation removes the moisture from the plant and replaces it with vegetable glycerin. The plant can no longer bloom and is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, the mosses and plants develop antistatic properties and do not have to be dusted.

    Where does the moss actually come from?

    We obtain our moss (ball and flat moss) from certified moss farms in Europe, mainly Spain and Scandinavia.

    Reindeer moss, on the other hand, is picked by hand by trained employees in designated forests and roughly cleaned. This ensures that the moss can grow back again after the harvest.