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    • mit Liebe von Hand gefertigt

      mit Liebe von Hand gefertigt

    • 100% natürlich

      100% natürlich

    • gut fürs Raumklima

      gut fürs Raumklima

    • keine Bewässerung nötig

      keine Bewässerung nötig

    100% natural, 100% maintenance-free

    - made with love by hand in Germany -

    Do you like it green but don't have a green thumb? Do you suffer from allergies and most plants make your nose run and your eyes itch?

    With our handmade moss pictures from our factory in Walldorf, this will no longer be a problem in the future. Our pictures consist of 100% naturally preserved plants and mosses that have been greened with food coloring. Due to the gentle preservation, dust and dirt have almost no chance - perfect for all allergy sufferers. In addition, all our paintings require no care, no watering and no sunlight !